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Cloud Services

With flexible deployment options and immediate efficiencies of on demand scaling, thousands of businesses have already expanded both their reach and potential with geo-free hosting and redundancy services.

Cloud computing provides pay as you go pricing, on demand scaling, free data storage, and with automated backup it not only eradicates the risks of catastrophic hard drive failure, but reduces costs associated to backup and redundancy activities when compared to their physical counterparts.

Benefits of coupling cloud technology with IT SUPPORT EXPERTS managed IT services also include automated, managed and tested software updates, and 24x7 support for centralised business resources; and our AWS and Microsoft certified consultants will help implement appropriate solutions from innumerable providers and product packages.

Offering support and maintenance for Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Dimension Data and other cloud platforms we will ensure you get the most out of your infrastructure, storage, and applications; and support the implementation, development and testing of your services.

  • environment setup
  • network administration
  • application installation and configuration
  • server and data migration
  • scheduling and verification of automated backups
  • development and implementation of business solutions

    Windows Servers

  • From setup including EOP to monitoring availability our dedicated team has you covered. We’ll proactively assess and analysis of mailbox, group, and resource usage statistics, and monitor incoming and outgoing traffic results, mail box counts, storage and usage changes.
  • Google Apps

  • Using G-Suite’s administration console we support all admin, auditing, authentication, analytics, and maintenance requirements remotely – leaving you to address the more pressing needs for your business.
  • With safety Google’s top priority, it’s no wonder millions of individuals and businesses worldwide use collaborative applications such as Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Drawings, Google Slides and more to enable productivity and centralise resources every day. With Google Sheets and Google Docs you may create and collaborate on documents online then download and use locally in Microsoft Office; and Google Apps Script allows you to build application add-ons that enable the more unique needs of your business.
  • Accessing domain branded email via the familiar gMail interface your users benefit from synced data across all computers, tablets, and mobile devices they rely on – in the office and on the road. You can also enable Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook using Google’s IMAP settings; and integrate with directory services such as Microsoft Active Directory scheduling regular updates to maintain a hassle free integrity of your single sign on enabled infrastructure.
  • Zoho Mail

  • With no software installation or upgrades to deal with we’ll be paying full attention to your domain, user, and group management and any SAML authentication or IP specific requirements. From administration of quota and privileges to application of mail policies through to CRM integration our team has you covered.

Document Management Systems

With flexible deployment options and immediate efficiencies of on demand scaling, thousands of businesses have already expanded both their reach and potential with geo-free hosting and redundancy services.

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Enabling users to create, share, collaborate, organise, and control business critical information, SharePoint is supported by a robust enterprise platform and security model, patch and upgrade support, and offers code free user controlled web portal design capabilities. Our team can take care of design, implementation, contingency planning, migration, maintenance and more. Meaning with IT SUPPORT EXPERTS you have the freedom to refine and ecosystem as often as you need; whilst removing the onerous administrative overheads associated to content control, maintenance, upgrade, and performance reliability.

  • Google Apps
  • Over 5 million business worldwide now enable their workforce through ‘G Suite’: Googles cloud based business offering. A comprehensive suite of applications including email, word processing, web, analytics, spreadsheets, storage, presentation, forums, calendar and more; G Suite is an adaptable and cost effective solution to on-boarding and setup of new staff, document centralisation and collaboration, and office-remote workforce collaboration and accessibility. From user needs analysis, product compatibility, sizing, and security IT SUPPORT EXPERTS can maximise the benefits of cloud based access and storage of your precious IP without sacrificing on security.

IT SUPPORT EXPERTS are certified in:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • With 50 compliance offerings, support for over 90% of fortune 500 companies, and averaging 120,000 new subscription each month Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure offers 69 products, and is accessible in 38 regions – more than any other cloud provider.

  • Amazon AWS
  • Supporting users in 190 countries AWS provides a pay per use, on demand platform of storage, computing, database, and administration products which may be comprised to build sophisticated and scalable applications.

  • And more
  • When it comes to reliability and scalability you need IT SUPPORT EXPERTS. To be confident your physical and cloud based infrastructure is backed by the best; or for help selecting the right solution to meet the needs of your business email: info@itsupportexperts.com.au.