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Our IT SUPPORT EXPERTS provide wide-ranging advice for all types of desktop/PC maintenance or issue, and support for software and hardware installation or upgrade.

Fix and repair computer issues

From chip level to screen and casing replacement IT SUPPORT EXPERTS are on hand to support and restore reliability and high performance in your system. Be it a faulty operating system or an issue with hardware or software our experienced technicians are able to diagnose and repair damage, or in the event of critical failure coordinate replacement.

Data backup and restore

In the event of malfunction where access to your data has been lost IT SUPPORT EXPERTS will employ deep system scans to identify what data remains. Irrespective of whether the loss was caused by water, electrical, or knock damage or a result of virus, overwrite, deletion, or hardware failure our team will determine where your data is located, and how much of it can be effectively recovered.

Network and internet setup

Whether your internet connectivity requires installation, configuration, or repair IT SUPPORT experts will get you online. Supporting networks dependant on 3G/4G, ADSL, broadband, cable, NBN, fiber, ISDN, SHDSL, satellite, and dialup our experienced technicians will establish communication, validate performance, and secure all devices on any network.

Router and Wi-Fi setup

Reliability and security are at the forefront of our IT SUPPORT EXPERTS approach to router and Wi-Fi configuration. Our experienced technicians will configure and secure routers providing ready access to all devices on your network, and plan and implement Wi-Fi to ensure adequate coverage everywhere you need it.

PC optimisation

IT SUPPPORT EXPERTS understands your productivity hinges on your PC’s performance. Working with you to understand your unique application and usage requirements, our experienced technicians will identify and remove redundant applications and system processes; control start up activities; cleanse files, caches and hard disks; configure balanced processes; assess and improve virtual memory; and turn off unnecessary visual effects negatively impacting your systems performance.

Virus & Malware Removal

Experienced in identification and removal of pop-ups, spyware, adware/malware, ransomware, root/boot kits, and virus infections IT SUPPORT EXPERTS will eradicate unwanted applications affecting performance, and restore function to your system and data.

Email client (MS Outlook) Support

Whether you need to work on or offline, onsite or remotely, IT SUPPORT EXPERTS supports synchronisation, access, and security of your mail client, ensuring uninterrupted access to your email. Using IMAP or POP3 we will establish delivery protocols, and can assist in the planning and configuration of effective filtration and rule based sorting to aid administrative efficiency.

Operating System install, repair and upgrade

In conjunction with defining hardware specifications and develop systems requirements IT SUPPORT EXPERTS provide support with the build, configuration, patching, and upgrade of new infrastructure, and effect repair for PC and desktop operating systems. Configuring your system in line with any required COP, UCSC, or ITS policy our technicians will ensure all dependant systems and data are protected and backed up in readiness for update, and that all devices and applications are compatible with any change.

Hard Drive and SSD installations

Including definition of any storage and network configuration requirement IT SUPPORT EXPERTS will assist in the specification of compatible and appropriate HDD and SDD storage solutions. In managing installation and testing functionality, our technicians will handle all initialisation and partition resizing requirements ensuring no screw is left over.

Software Installations

IT SUPPORT EXPERTS are on hand to aid installation, upgrade and removal of software on your PC and Desktop. From single application through establishing standard operating environments, our experienced professionals conduct not only analysis of your systems ability to execute the new or upgraded application, but that it is compatible with all other pre-existing software.